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Up, up and Away!

September 19, 2009

So, welcome to all those who made the launch on Thursday and an open arms invite to those who have yet to join us!

Around 40 people made it to our launch, where they met each other over watercolours and glitter, played some improv games to break the ice and then got into smaller groups to discuss what they needed and what they worried about as creative and social change agents.

The idea of the group is to provide a safe and friendly space for people to develop their skills, share knowledge and info, build partnerships and keep each other on the straight and narrow.

You are now invited to make an offer: run a workshop, share an idea, make a plan!

The next session on 22nd Sept will begin with some speed networking, then an hour on confidence boosting and presentation skills. There will then be space to talk and hang out at our lovely venue.

Please do get in touch and offer something…lots of sessions up for grabs and I can only tolerate the sound of my own voice for so long!!

Thanks and see you on the 22nd! 6-8pm at Westwerks


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