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Pitch and Present 101

September 29, 2009

Week 3’s sessions are all about pitching and presenting

  • Shy about speaking in front of others?
  • Got an idea you need to convey clearly?
  • Want to pitch for funding but stumbling over your words?

…Well fear not!

We are holding two master classes to hone your pitched and presentation style – places are limited to 20 per session  – please if you do sign up, turn up or let us know that you cant make it and we will give the place to someone else.

Sign up now at

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  1. October 12, 2009 1:29 pm

    So here’s where we got to on our pitching events – it was great ot have people pitching such a wide range of services, ranging from the SAmaritans to a carbon neutral media studio.

    We decided these are the real nono’s for presenting:

    Hiding behind Power-point
    Clinking change and other strange habits
    Talking to podium/ muttering
    Reading Script
    Not connecting with audience
    Never ending best man speeches
    Not knowing the info
    Not knowing your audience
    Too long, overly detailed/complex info/going over peoples head
    Extreame manerisims – talking , ticks, weather people??? , grammar, weird gestures.
    Um & Ahhs

    and why they are so scary:

    Exaggerating idea of importance of event
    Feels like a test/ordeal/very exposed
    Fear of being boring/criticism/fraud/being judged.
    Being stared at on podium
    Whos the audience
    Relationship to audience
    Numbers – more or less can be scarey
    Haven’t practiced – feeling like a novice, feels unnatural
    Very draining
    Feeling misunderstood
    Making a mistake
    Equipment failure
    Fear of Failure.

    Top tips for presenting:

    Find a way to make a connection with the audience – something you all share in comment e.g. time of day, food quality, weather etc

    Tell then what you will tell them, break that down into 3 key points and then tell them you have told them and

    Be passionate and interested about your subject

    Film yourself so you can find out what your ticks are and eliminate them.

  2. Nikita Sol permalink
    October 13, 2009 6:53 pm

    Wow, what a great workshop…. it was a perfect blend of advice, support and great practical suggestions to take forward into social enterprise projects and interviews.

    We had some useful games, planning how to pitch and actually pitching… which was a bit gruelling, but only cos i’m hopeless at such things, everyone else did really well.. still, it was a pretty inspiring session and i got a lot from it. I heartily recommend to anyone who has to do a presentation or who has a big job interview coming up!

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