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Workshops and Networking in Brighton and Hove

BScene is a place for creatives and social entrepreneurs in Brighton and Hove to meet, get inspired, skilled up and get started.

  • Have you got a great idea?
  • Looking to run a creative business but don’t know where to start?
  • Want to share your experience with other social and creative agents and activists?
  • Then you might like to come along to one of our meetups.

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    A little bit of background
    Erica Sosna and Emma Wallace have been talking about doing something like this for a while.  They’ve eventually got round to it.  And called it BScene.

    Erica Sosna lives in Hove.  She is the founder of The Life Project.  As a stand-up comedienne, social entrepreneur and inspirational coach, Erica aims to give everyone she works with an outstanding, positive and uplifting experience.  In her years as a coach, she has supported several women in setting up their own enterprises, resolving and dissolving barriers and increasing their confidence, performance and esteem. Using the right combination of playfulness and insight and offering both a strong skill in listening and a full toolbox of resources, she knows she has done a great job when she has made herself redundant! She is a qualified life coach, facilitator of the 7 Habits Training and has an MA from the University of Edinburgh.

    Emma Wallace also lives in Hove.  She advises individuals and organisations on social software and behavioural change.  She is a practitioner of an accelerated learning goal setting technique called Goal Mapping. At a local level Emma is bringing together a community of creatives and social entrepreneurs at Westwerks, a social space on Portland Road in Hove where she volunteers for Werkshop CIC.  She is also a trustee of two charities: The Young Parent’s Project – a Brighton-based non-profit providing practical courses in nutrition and self-esteem for young parents under 25 and the Green Standards Trust – an international charity that has been reusing corporate waste furniture and IT equipment to build schools and education centres around the world for the past 15 years.  She is a corporate escapee with a sordid past as a management consultant, starting to live the Life of Riley.

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